Monday, July 30, 2007

Huge response on payperpost

After my recent post on payperpost, I get a huge response from the reader. Among who sign up are Ellie Chee, Rene Bravo, Anthony Tan, Moch Marlan, Maurito Tarobal, Sinju Zakaria, Wong Tze Tzien, Jeffrey Punzalan, Lok Long etc.....thank you for your support. Hope you will earn as much as I did. I can't disclose my earning because this is against the Terms and Condition.

For those who miss out my previous post on payperpost, read more here....
PayPerPost recently introduced a new affiliate program - Get Paid to Review My Post. By simply putting a badge at the bottom of any post, I can invite prospective Posties (Posties are bloggers who write sponsored posts for PayPerPost) to review my blog posts. When you click on the badge and sign up with PayPerPost, a special opportunity worth $7.50 is created just for you. The $7.50 opportunity offers you a chance to blog about a post on my blog.

I think this is also a great blog marketing opportunity for Posties to earn more money while increasing the traffic and the awareness of their blogs without any effort. I can place the badge code at the bottom of each post on my blog, even the ones that aren't sponsored. As a result, I have potential opportunities to earn extra money for each link, because when you get paid for reviewing my post, I also get $7.50. The only thing I like is the color and the long shape of the badge. The badge just look good on my blog. But, I would prefer a small square which I can change the color and place anywhere within my post.

Currently, PayPerPost is the most profitable company that allows bloggers to write sponsored posts. PayPerPost also has the largest network of blogger and advertisers; therefore, you always can find interesting topics to blog in exchange for compensation.This program is open to all bloggers.

If you are interested, just click the badge above, apply for the PPP membership, and start to make money while blogging!
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Income from payperpost

Hey, some of you may have noticed the little get-paid-to-review-my-post note at the top of a few of my posts here, or the green+ blue box you see at the bottom of this post, or that yellow badge about half-way down on the right-hand side ...

All of that comes from PayPerPost. Here's how it works:I signed up about a month ago - all you need is an active blog that's been alive for three months. You get to look through offers - "opportunities" - of events, products, web pages, etc to write about it. You get paid $5.00 and up, depending upon the offer.

Now, although I'm decidedly not allergic to money - hey, it buys good things in life - I value my name as a writer even more, and would never write about something I didn't want to write about or did not believe in. And that's the really cool thing about PayPerPost - you're not obligated to blog about anything you don't want to blog about.

But if I see an opportunity to blog about a good new tomato plant, or how to grow mushroom - hey, why not, I love gardening and I'll be putting in some tomatoes in the next few weeks. And you'll always know when a post is sponsored, because you'll see an advisory.So far, I've made over $100 from this great new kind of blog marketing from PayPerPost.

And I can get paid by referring to other blogger to sign up. Quite an attractive offer for a referrer.

Not enough to give up the modeling - which I'd never want to, anyway - but, hey, I was born with my foot not a silver spoon in my mouth, and every little bit helps. Better in my pocket than someone else's...But I wouldn't mind if it was in yours.

If you have a blog, I strongly recommend this! Join payperpost now.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clarify your doubt

I grow up in a middle class family. Our parents are employee and earning hard cash so their income is just enough to support our living.

My burning desire to be wealthy started when I read a motivation book ‘A millionaire next door’ in my teenager. I was inspired by the book and I started to earn a fortune and extra income as young as 18 year-old. In young age as I am, I has made a fortune over the internet, stock market, affiliates, property and product reseller. I can’t disclose my fortune as Rich Jeck and many internet gurus who claim they earn millions on the internet. I am not going to do as what they flaunt their fortune to show proof of their income. That’s not my style. I wish to remain as low profile as possible.

Over the years, I am making use of the power of internet to attract traffics, build affiliates, monitor over the stock market, browse through the property market and etc. There are so many ways that you can do to earn that extra money. I also can’t boost I am a millionaire at this age because my earnings is just enough to purchase a shop lot for rental, pay the installment for my Nissan Fairlady and condominium, an annual family trip to oversea. In internet world, I just can’t afford to disclose my personal details to the public.

A lot of people has been requesting for my handphone no, house address and my MSN.

BUT, I can’t disclose my :-

Handphone no. – because I need a peaceful life. I don’t want an unwanted call in the middle of midnight.

My home address – because for my family security, But I can tell you I stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My picture with my Nissan Fairlady – because for my security, I don’t wish to be a hijack victim when I am driving on the street.

My MSN no. – because I don’t chatting online, because I feel it’s a waste of time especially entertaining a lot of unwanted queries, but you can contact me through my email and friendster. I would be very happy to reply through email if your mail is a decent one.

My company name – You may know I am a part time model but I can’t disclose my advertising agency because I abide by the agency regulations. But I would say that I did a lot of modeling for cosmetic, slimming, and fitness product.

If you so happen to meet me and recognize me on the street, please say hi to me, as I would be very happy to meet my loyal blog reader.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How to waste your time (life) away? Part 1

Watch football
I have a lot of male friend who likes to watch football. Whenever there is a football league on going, English Premier League, South America League, etc, usually they will come to work the next day with ‘panda eyes’. Thanks to satellite technology, we are fortunate enough to watch the football match live telecast from the other side of the world. Therefore, in order to watch it live, so they have to stay awake in the midnight. I wonder why they sacrifice their sleeping time to watch the game until I found out one day. The reason is simple, so that they can discuss about the game on the next day.
For me, I won’t be wasting my sleeping time to watch it and suffer from sleeplessness for the entire next day. I can’t understand the urgency of watching the game throughout the midnight while at the same time deteriorate my own health. In fact, what’s the point of discussing the clubs’ and the players’ strength and weakness or which club is buying which player? Surprisingly, they know the entire players name by heart, and the schedule of the games. At the end, what’s the benefit to them? Are they going to be a top sports commentator or the high paying speaker for the football club? Or is it going to improve their skill in football game? Or the club is going to pay them for the cheering and merit? But the truth is all they can get is headache, dizzy, blur, sleeplessness, and unproductive the next day. And this also leads to ugly look the next day.
Average a football game is 90 minutes, by watching 2 games a night; you’ll waste about 3 hours a day and entire unproductive days. Not to mention the time wasted talking about the previous football game.

Online chatting
One of the most wasting time and unproductive thing to do online is chatting. You can chat your time away and without realizing the time is passing by. One survey done by a marketing research discloses that a normal chatter will spend average at least 3 hours online chatting each day. If you chat online during your working hour, you’ll waste the unproductive 3 hours each day. 5 days working days will convert to 15 hours wasted for unnecessary routine. So, I politely tell my friends, I don’t chat online, no need to invite me and I hope they will reduce the hours chatting online if necessary.

Reading forwarded email
The very first thing majority of online user will do is checking email; according to a study. Checking email is good in certain extends; email is an important way to communication, building your business and relationship. But a recent growing trend of forwarding ‘rubbish’ email is a waste of time. I receive a lot of so called rubbish email which is chain letter which required me to forward to other so that I’ll be safe from disaster for the rest of the day, or the doctored nude photo of famous idols. You may also receive some forwarded message telling that the email service is going to terminate soon, so you’ll have to forward the message to a hundred of people. To tell you the truth, I ignore all these messages, doesn’t mean anything to me. When I see this message, I clear all this mail just like I clear my junk mail folder without second thought. I think reading these types of mail are a waste of time, and forward to other people is also wasting your time. And not to mention the person who creates the mail that is wasting the most of time. Assume that you check the unnecessary mail once each day, average you’ll waste away 1 hour a day, and 7 hours a week. Think about it whenever you have the urgency to open your inbox.

Rush for bestselling, new movie and newbie.
The recent bestselling Harry Potter 7 has showed an ugly side of people. Because of this release of new book, a lot people had queue up as early as 4 a.m at the bookstore to get there fresh copy of the book. The bookstore opened at 10 a.m, so roughly 6 hours wasted. I am not sure the urgency to read the book until some people are willing to queue during the wee hours for a mere fiction. The book’s price is not cheap, priced at RM 109.90 is a bomb to low income earner. Assuming that an average monthly income of a young executive is RM 1000.00, this book has already exceeded 10% of the monthly expenses.
This also applies to movie release. Many people are willing to wait for hours for a movie ticket but can’t tolerate for a few minutes of waiting at the traffic light. Ironic isn’t it?
The recent released of I-phone by Apple also a classic example of people rushing for newbie. For more stories read here:

Online game
I am sure a lot people play online game. Game is a way out to release tension and build mind agility. I agree. Unfortunately, a lot of addicted gamers wasted a few hours’ online playing games. Not to mention hours of sleepless night trying to destroy the virtual demons, conquering a new territory and killing millions of army over the internet. In the end, I am not sure the benefit they will gain other than mere self-satisfaction.

If you fall into the above categories, please make a change to your life. Now, you may be young in your twenties. Very soon you will realize you are in thirties and forties and regret you have not done anything to boost your income.

I am grateful because I have enough time with my friends, family, working as model, enjoying my hobbies and making money online. I never complain and give excuse that I don’t have time to earn that extra income because I adopt a time management.
My next articles on ‘Why you need make extra income?’ and ‘How to spend time wisely by building my financial portfolio?’ will be published soon.


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Friday, July 20, 2007

Maya Karin also practises green move

GROWING up in Germany, a country known for championing environmental issues, has moulded actress and veejay Maya Karin to become passionate about the environment.
During the one-hour interview in 1-Utama shopping centre in Bandar Utama Damansara, Petaling Jaya recently, the 27-year-old beauty just could not stop talking about the environment and how she wished Malaysians were more pro-active in preserving nature.
A very light-minded question like “Where is your favourite beach?” had turned into an hour-long speech by this advocate of nature.
“I love them all as long as they are clean. Malaysia is blessed with beautiful beaches and rich forests but if we don’t take care of them, soon they will all be gone. The beaches in Penang used to be so clean but look at them now. And Redang. The corals are gone. It’s such a pity. Malaysians don’t realise that they are killing the environment,” she said.
Maya, who was born in Germany, said the country has always put a heavy emphasis on recycling.
“My father, Gottlieb Roelcke, who is very much an environmentalist himself, has always taught us how to love the environment. We would make boats out of the bark of trees and toys from recycled materials. He would take us to the beach and on mountain climbing trips.
“When we go shopping, I would carry my own box or bag to put the groceries in. And every neighbourhood had a one-tonne container for use to discard things that are recyclable.
“I just can’t wait for Malaysia to go big on recycling! Community messages on the radio are not useful if we do not have the facility. I think movies get pushed more than recycling campaigns.
The actress then related the difficulties she encountered while trying to dispose recyclable wastes.
“The envelope holes that they have in recycling bins are ridiculous.
“How can you call that a bin? And these bins are not available in every housing community. I know apartments have them but there is none in my neighbourhood,” said Maya, who lives in Sungai Penchala, Petaling Jaya.
“I know there is one in Mount Kiara because I normally sneak in to throw away the empty bottles and paper.
“But now the guards there wouldn’t even allow me in so I keep a whole load of trash in my car boot as I don’t know where to throw them. My car is like a recycle mobile,” she laughed.
Besides driving around with trash in her very expensive ‘recycle mobile’, Maya also has her plastic food containers and green-coloured shopping bags.
“I always carry them with me in case I want to ta pau food. The makcik in the nasi campur stall that I frequent in Taman Tun Dr Ismail used to laugh at me but I think she has grown to appreciate my effort now since I save her at least 50 Styrofoam boxes a year,” she said.
“When I shop for toiletries, I try not to buy products in plastic bottles. Like soap, for example, I would rather buy them in bars than in liquid form.
“I also love shopping at the pasar malam on Sundays mainly because I can bring my own shopping bags and do not have to use their packaging as opposed to supermarkets where there are layers and layers of packaging even for a small item.
“Shopping at the pasar malam is also cheaper.”
Maya said Malaysians should be more sensitive towards the environment.
“Malaysians should make an effort to care about the environment. There are so many intelligent people and yet the simplest things do not strike them. They just don’t care,” she said.
“Everyone can make a difference by doing little things like not collecting plastic bags when they go shopping.
“And when you pack food back, bring your own container and drink tap water instead of buying mineral water.
“What is wrong in ordering ais kosong? Maybe we are just too liberal with our luxuries,” she added.
Maya said her greatest concern is that Malaysians are getting rid of their real heritage and are replacing it with secondary ecosystems.

Tips from Maya
 Bring your own bags when you go shopping.
 In restaurants, order plain water instead of mineral water.
 Use your own container for take-aways.
 Choose to buy items with less packaging.
 Carry a bottle of water in your car and refill when needed.
 Recycle.
 Do not litter.
 Car pool.
 Shut taps tightly after use.
 Turn off power points when not in use.

About maya
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 29/10/1980
Favourite things:
Local food: Curry Laksa, Penang Laksa, Nasi Campur
Drink: Milo Ais
Holiday destination (Malaysia): The islands in Sabah and Tasik Kenyir
Beach: Love them all as long as they are clean
Town: Ipoh for its old architecture, big pillars and trees
Music: Top 40s, Jazz, Alternative
Perfume: Issey Miyake
Place to shop: 1-Utama shopping centre
Pasar malam: At Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Obsession: I have to exercise all the time for mental balance. I have to have my Haagen Dazs ice-cream at least once a month.
Fear: House lizards and sharks
Role Model: Helen Keller
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, travelling
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Friday, July 13, 2007

More racing girls for your viewing

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

You can earn money by 'searching for info'

Remember i have a previous post on the SlashMySearch?

SlashMySearch is a new search engine designed to get the best results on the internet quickly and effectively. It uses proprietary algorithms that "slash" through the junk and finds the most relevant results for your search. They filter results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, Google search engines, their own databases and several other sources. They also track what results are visited the most and update their database with that information. When visiting search results, they load them into a frame with tools at the top to help easily return to the search results, try different search terms or close the frame and surf the result in a full window. They also have a thumbnail of each site next to each search result, which I like a lot.You can earn $0.25/hr just by using as your primary search engine.

I believe this site has been mentioned on some blogs and websites. Slashmysearch has been around since August 2006 and allows you to earn money for using their Search Engine. You search the web for information almost on a daily basis so why not get paid for doing that. I subscribed to Slashmysearch two days back and after two days I have earned little over $2, just for doing casual searches every now or then looking for information.
You can search the web, ebay, ebay misspelled keywords and Amazon right from within this search engine.I think its a great opportunity and the amount increases pretty quick, perhaps more than you would make with Adsense :).What I tend to do is keep one browser window open after visiting this search engine. For any search that I want to do, I try this search engine first and If I cant find the info that I am looking for, then I would try Google or Yahoo. This way at least I am earning for the things I do on the net, searching in this case. After a little while you get use to it, so give it a try.

So, why wait? Join now today!!! Click here to join for FREE
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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Save our Earth

Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

I woke up this morning with hope. Excitement, even. Live Earth is taking place in 48 hours, and I’m starting to feel the first ripples of what could become a revolution.

Our earth is ailing currently. If we don’t do something to protect the earth, soon we’ll face the consequences and the effect. Caring for the environment should come from the heart. So now, think twice whenever you throw away your newspaper to rubbish bin.
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Graphic design - my creation

i just learn graphic design, this is my very first creation, hope i'll improve more
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