Saturday, July 28, 2007

Income from payperpost

Hey, some of you may have noticed the little get-paid-to-review-my-post note at the top of a few of my posts here, or the green+ blue box you see at the bottom of this post, or that yellow badge about half-way down on the right-hand side ...

All of that comes from PayPerPost. Here's how it works:I signed up about a month ago - all you need is an active blog that's been alive for three months. You get to look through offers - "opportunities" - of events, products, web pages, etc to write about it. You get paid $5.00 and up, depending upon the offer.

Now, although I'm decidedly not allergic to money - hey, it buys good things in life - I value my name as a writer even more, and would never write about something I didn't want to write about or did not believe in. And that's the really cool thing about PayPerPost - you're not obligated to blog about anything you don't want to blog about.

But if I see an opportunity to blog about a good new tomato plant, or how to grow mushroom - hey, why not, I love gardening and I'll be putting in some tomatoes in the next few weeks. And you'll always know when a post is sponsored, because you'll see an advisory.So far, I've made over $100 from this great new kind of blog marketing from PayPerPost.

And I can get paid by referring to other blogger to sign up. Quite an attractive offer for a referrer.

Not enough to give up the modeling - which I'd never want to, anyway - but, hey, I was born with my foot not a silver spoon in my mouth, and every little bit helps. Better in my pocket than someone else's...But I wouldn't mind if it was in yours.

If you have a blog, I strongly recommend this! Join payperpost now.
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