Friday, June 29, 2007

Get inspiration from the Frog

Never give up even until the last minute before you die.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Who said ladies don't like cars?

25th and 26th June 2007, Japanese GT in Malaysia!!
Pretty girls and pretty cars never apart. Yes, I agree.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A touching story from Iran

In Malaysia, a lot of people are quick to give excuses on why it’s so difficult to make money on the Internet.
When in fact, most of them should really be focusing on more important issues.
And today I learnt about Ladan Lashkari, a young woman from Iran who is actively building her Internet business with no complaints at all. You’ll be able to tell from her life story that it was not a joy ride for her either, but she’s not complaining
Some parts of the story:

Although you wouldn’t know it from her articles and sales letters, Ladan was not born into an English-speaking family. She started learning the language at eight years of age, and devoured every English book she could get her hands on.
Even at such a young age, she began to realize that her fluency in English would open up more doors of opportunity throughout her life. Throughout her teen years, this fervor grew as she tackled the language head-on.

A true entrepreneur, she decided that she wanted to become independent and produce her own income. When her family bought a computer, she quickly began experimenting with ways she could turn it into an income stream. She tried all kinds of business; teaching Windows, graphic designing with PhotoShop, website design, and even learned C++ programming.
Even though she was able to make money through those avenues, she knew that there was a bigger opportunity out there.

At sixteen years of age, she discovered the world of Internet marketing through the late Cory Rudl’s website. She bought and studied his internet marketing course, along with other ebooks and resources.

She knew right away that THIS was the business she wanted to be in.
Some of the problems she has faced:
She has limited rights as a woman in Iran
She couldn’t get a credit card.
She can’t open a PayPal account.
She can’t get a merchant account
She can’t have a bank account in US dollars
She can’t cash any USD checks.
She can’t travel / get a visa to many countries
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A funny pics to share

Boy, where your eyes' looking at?
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Beginner's Guide: 4 Things to Avoid When Making Money from a Website

Hi all, for your leisure reading....from me.....

I found an interesting article about what we should avoid when making profit on the internet. A good article to read on before you spend money and your precious time doing. I found the truth there are many people out there are losing money because they don't really understand the scam.

When you just started out a website to profit online with AdSense, affilite programs or your own developed products. It is important to know that there are certain things you should avoid doing them as they aren't working most of the time. And If you involve in these things, they could get yourself into trouble and causing you lose money.

First Thing to Avoid: Spamming

There are many types of spamming and the most widely recognized form of spam is email spam. Email spam happens when someone is sending an ad message to other email addresses (usually massive numbers of email addresses) that the receivers have not elected to receive email from the sender. Email spamming never works but still there are plenty of online business owners doing it without aware that it could ruin their reputation. Furthermore, spamming is illegal in US. If a person get caught, he or she will be fined.Other type of spams to avoid include newsgroup and forum spam, spam in blogs, instance messaging spam and many more.

Second Thing to Avoid: Buying Traffic from Traffic Sellers

Have you came across websites promising a good amount of targeted traffic for a reasonably low price? Watch out these websites as most of them (if not all of them) didn't actually send you real visitors, they are using software to generate fake traffic. And buying these traffic can get your AdSense account banned by Google.

Third Thing to Avoid: Using Safelist Mailing Services

Safelist mailing service is a free or paid service that allow you to promote your business and website by emailing your ad message to a long list of opt-in email addresses without getting involved in spam complain. Many safelist mailing services are legal and ethical but unfortunately most of them aren't generating result. Most of the receivers don't open promotional emails as they have got too many promotional emails that they have not time to read all of them. Also they don't read email that they aren't interested.

Fourth Thing to Avoid: Buying Products that are too Good to be True.

You may need to read some paid Internet marketing e-books and buy a number of tools and software for your online business growth. You search around the Internet to find the products you are looking for and then you read their online sales website, they claim that the products can skyrocket your traffic and earning within a short period of time.

Wow...... sound too good to be true. You shouldn't take their words easily and buy from them immediately because there are many dishonest Internet marketing products sellers out there.Before buying any product, it is always good to do some searches in search engines to find out other people comments and reviews on the product. This give you an idea of the quality and usefulness of the product and help you decide whether it's worth buying it.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Answer to all your doubt

I received emails occasionally asking about my experience in making money online (or by blogging to be precise)… I normally will reply to them with a long winded email; and since that my reply is almost the same all the time, might as well post my thoughts here.

This will be a long and messy post… I will write whatever comes into my mind in random.
I received another 2 email requests during the weekend; and guess what, they won’t get a reply because a simple reason… they forgot to mention my name.
I wrote that I replied to all emails… well, not exactly. These days there are lots of emails in disguise that are made to harvest email addresses for spam etc. once you replied ‘they’ will not that it is an active email address and will continue to spam it.

Use my name when contacting me
The best way to differentiate between a genuine email and a spam mail is the greetings. Just say “Hi Cherie” and I will know that it’s a human being writing to me and not some spam bots. Besides it’s the polite thing to do to start a contact with greetings using the person’s name.
If someone is lazy enough to not find my name from my blog… don’t expect me to reply.

So, how much money am I making?
I used to work freelance in various projects… about a year ago I started building more websites of my own, which I aim to provide me passive income.
I am not going to tell anyone the exact figure that I am making online… I didn’t even tell my mum, let alone friends and strangers. What I can say is that I am not rich, and my income is decent enough to replace a normal job.
Do note that this blog is making peanuts only… enough to pay some bills perhaps. You need some better themed blogs to make serious money; personal blogs don’t perform well in this matter.

Know your goal
Don’t get over-excited with the dollar sign… newbies need to have a goal to start their venture into making online. How much do you want to make? Why do you want to do it online than to work in other conventional methods? How much time and investment are you willing to put it to your venture?

It is not easy
It is not difficult to make money online; it is not easy as well. You will need lots of time to learn, test and adapt. Besides if your primarily idea is to make money from blogging, you need time to write as well.
Out of the thousands of bloggers monetizing their blog, I bet that less than 100 are making a decent level of income (at least matching their offline job) from blogging.

Don’t start a blog to make money
There are difference between starting a blog and monetize it; and to start a blog to monetize it. You have to know what is your primarily plan… which is more important… your blog or the money?
If you don’t care about your blog… and the only thing you want from your blog is your money… don’t blog. You are wasting your time.

Find your topic and niche
Find a good topic that you have interest in (even better if you are really good with the topic)… do some research on the growth potential, monetization value and competition.

Join some forums and read more useful articles before starting your blog.
Quite often the success of your blog is already determined by the topic you choose… SEO and other promotion methods are to fulfill your blog potential; it cannot go beyond the limit of your topic if you chose the wrong topic to start with.

Read the right stuff
Read and learn, but make sure you are reading from the right person… what I mean is if you want to make money online, read from some one that is actually making some good money.
There are numerous Malaysian ‘how to make money online’ blogs that started in recent months, and the irony thing is that most of them are making close to zero dollar everyday… why learn from them?
So make sure you read from the right source… in fact, don’t believe in everything I write here, I could be wrong in some stuff.

Be patient and enjoy yourself
Continue to learn and implement, be patient… don’t expect anything to happen within the first 6 months.
Enjoy yourself as well… if you find that it’s not enjoyable, quit blogging.

Be thankful
I have actually read complaints from newbies that experience webmasters aren’t helpful and don’t want to share their secrets. I even received an email calling me selfish for not willing to share more than the basic.

Point is… why should we share our secrets with someone we don’t even know?
Besides, even the basics would work if a person follows the rules correctly. Be thankful that someone is willing to share just the basic.
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Taiping - A place so calm

my friend Ivy

soak our tired legs

balancing on the rock

a bridge across

hill, lake, and trees

ahhh... so peaceful

my recent trip to Taiping, go there for a short visit, eating, sight-seeing

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