Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fendi on the Great Wall of China

At well over 1,500 miles it must be the longest catwalk in history, but that didn't stop designer Karl Lagerfield staging a show for Fendi on the Great Wall of China.
The show-stopping event was held on top of the ancient structure, with spotlights lighting up the models and casting the surrounding countryside into gloom.
A section of the World Heritage Site was extended even further into the mountains around the capital Beijing to create the catwalk, with a backdrop of open sky.
First built in 221 BC to preserve China's borders during the reign of the Qin Emperor, the construction of the Great Wall became the chief defensive strategy to repel the enemy from the north in the age before gunpowder and cannons. It was a massive undertaking, equivalent to the building 30 of the great pyramids of Egypt.
Emperor Qin chose his most able general Ling Qia as chief foreman who put to work an army of over 300,000 men.
In recent years, the Great Wall has been used as a backdrop to scores of events to help publicise the emerging superpower.
A rave on the Wall in 2005 caused a national outrage after drunken Western party goers were photographed urinating against the ancient structure.
High heels on teetering models dressed in the seasonal must-haves however, were eagerly approved by the government-run China Great Wall Society.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Where do I start online??

You’ve made the decision! You want to start earning a living on the internet. But you know nothing about the ways and means of making a living online, as you’ve never done this before. Honestly, you are LOST. You are on your own. There you sit in front of your computer not knowing where to start. You are thinking…

Where do I start???

If you are at the generic starting point, the first thing is for you make a list of your interests and passions. Some of them may be downright silly, but that’s perfectly acceptable. For example, my list would be writing, reading, internet marketing, health, yoga, success, motivation, and animals. I don’t know much about music and that’s okay with me. To succeed in anything in life, being passionate about it is the key. Keep that list aside, you will need it later.

There is more than one way to skin the cat. Let’s first take a look at some common ways of making money on the internet.

Survey Sites
These are silts that give you surveys. If you qualify for a particular survey, you can earn anywhere between $10 to $50 for taking one survey. If you fall in the right demographics, you will be earning at the most a few hundred dollars per month. You will not ever get rich from doing these surveys. Remember, never to pay for any of them.

MLM – Multilevel Marketing
You get people to sign up and they in turn have to do the same. Some of these MLM programs go as deep as 10 levels. Just be cautious with the ones that have no service or product, as they are considered illegal pyramids and will be shut down eventually. These programs, when legit, do work perfectly. You need to get the guidance of a seasoned marketer to understand which ones are good. The earning potential can literally be thousands and millions of dollars per year. The fact is that most people who join these fail. About 5% of people who have success with these programs fall in the income range of below $10,000. Only about 1%-2% make above $10,000/month. Be very cautious because they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Affiliate Marketing - Selling others products
Selling others products is called Affiliate Marketing and this can be wonderfully lucrative if you have enough time to promote the products. Everything depends on the product and how you advertise. You must ensure you choose a product that people are interested in.

Clickbank is a major company that offers this service. You need to do a lot of research on a product before trying to sell it. There are hundreds of products to choose from. The earning potential with affiliate marketing is unlimited. Just like MLM, most affiliate marketers fail, because they don’t know how to advertise.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Salam Aidilfitri to all Muslim Friends

A warm greeting to all muslim friends and readers. Let's not forget the unfortunate one. Salam aidilfitri to all.
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