Friday, August 31, 2007

Is making money online easy?

Making money online is definitely not as easy as ABC. The business opportunities on the internet are virtually limitless and almost everyone has a chance to start an online business…even if you are 12 years old.
If you already have an existing business, you can enhance your business if you make an effort to take it to the world wide web. Your customers would definitely appreciate it because they can pretty much do the same things that they would do in person with you from your site. It also offers a faster means of communication between you and your customers.There are a lot and I mean a LOT of business that exist on the net. Whether it’s a large or small, these businesses can either be in the form of retail (e.g. Amazon), auctions (e.g. eBay), wholesale (e.g. eBay), marketers, sites (e.g. blogs), etc.
Currently, the big ‘jackpot’ of online business is internet marketing. There’s a very wide area of opportunities to promote and market your skills, a programmer, web developer (web design, coding, etc.), blogger, writer, etc. Some of the great alternate paths is to create and market your own product, be an affiliate marketer (promote other people products and receive commissions), promote products with a resale rights license (which allows you to resell other people products and keep 100% of the money. If you happen to be a book writer, why not convert your current book into an eBook format and market it via On the world wide web, you can market pretty much anything because the internet has a wide base of potential customers.
Making money online ain’t easy and it depends on many other factors. Once of the most important factor is you need to know your objective, create a strategy, and then implement it through a series of trial and errors (nobody can have a perfect business the first time…learn from mistakes ).
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It's Malaysia Independence Day

Happy 50th Birthday for Malaysia. I wish we can live stay united and peacefully in this multicultural country. Merdeka, merdeka....

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oppss...Suspended account

For unknown reason, my friendster account had been suspended, hopefully it's only temporarily or a mistake. But anyway, you still can read my updates and blog through Also, not too worry I have myspace. To check what is myspace goto .

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Track my visitor by Analytics

I’ve been using Google Analytics to track activity on our blog and I’m infatuated with this tool. I know that at first, it can be intimidating to non-technical people (especially with the plethora of charts, graphs and detailed reports), but once you figure it out, it is actually quite easy to use. In my opinion, the best way to start using Google Analytics is not to try to review and analyze all the reports at once - but find one specific thing to track/measure - and start doing this regularly, at least weekly. In my mind, I ask myself these questions: "What are the practical conclusions from this information? What can be done to improve my target metrics - and how should it be reflected in this report?"
In this article, I’ll show you how to get started with a Google Analytics account and review one particular example - track your blog’s most popular posts. This will help you to:
Track your blog’s top posts and find out which ones are read the most .
Understand what content makes your visitors subscribe to your blog and keeps them coming back
What is Google Analytics and how can it help me improve my site?
Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that gives you reports on your website traffic (or web user analysis tools aka web analytics). This tool allows you to see what visitors are doing on your website, which pages are most popular, and more.

My blog is getting steady growth of visitor over the weeks from around the world.
Thanks to you for making my blog growing!!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Online income? Focus on what you want

A lot of people complain that they have spent thousands on the Internet buying ebooks and systems, but never mad a single cent. But did they really TRY to make money?

By Sunny Tan

There are quite a number of newbie people whom I met or heard online often come in rambling about minor will this technique work? Will I be bombarded with hidden cost? Is this a scam? How to withdraw from paypal or even moaning about recent petty purchases and bla bla bla..

These people often spend countless amount of time researching about the nitty gritty things that won’t make them money, and worst still often getting advice from others who exhibit the same attitude like themselves.I ask you, what’s the point of all these? Yes, you may find that there will be a scam in this, or that technique work, but what’s next? Will that make you any wiser? Will you actually implement your new found working technique? How all those time spent in that research done will going to help in your future online entrepreneurial stunt? If you don't like the backend offer presented, then move on dude....

C’mon guys. I’m sorry to be blunt. But you have to use your head man. If you want to be in this Internet business, then for goodness sake treat this as your business. A business with good mission (your purpose), leadership (you), team (outsourcing), and the most important of all, your capital to fund the cost and expenses is very important.Do not try to be cheap by moaning all the petty losses you’ve made online or those purchases you’ve made online. If you’ve done a good purchase online with good return to you, then take it as your bonus and good investment. Otherwise, take it as your business expense. Claim from IRB if you will

Without a good working capital which you need to set aside to start things off, there will be many times when you’ll be doing the wrong things, like not outsourcing your stuff when you should, failing to get the right info products from the right advisors in your niche. Say if you are into web publishing business, don’t go into stuff that will not do you good for now ie how to make money from selling PLRs, how to do Ebay and bla bla bla… instead, find a web publishing guru, go for the recommended materials like how to outsource to freelancers, how to maximize your wordpress publishing seo, RSS marketing, social bookmarking stuff and etc.

Your time is one of your greatest assets. So get focused on stuff that will work long term for you and forget about how some people make money from list, make money from selling ebooks and stuff, if those things are not what your business is. If you don’t know what business to go after, then look for those materials that talk about different type of online businesses and how they may fit you.
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I earn from payperpost, do you?

Yes, PAYPERPOST. We will get paid when somebody reviews our blog. The member who reviews our blog will also get paid. So, they are more than 20 members who did not review my blog. It is kept as pending. As soon as they review my blog, then I will get paid.

Suppose even if our blog is not eligible to take reviews then we can make tons of cash by just making referrals. That is why I like payperpost very much. I did try to make referrals in smorty, blogsvertise and sponsored reviews because I can’t find the affiliate link in my member’s area. In reviewme there is referral program but till now I got hits but did not make referrals. Only in payperpost and link worth I made referrals. So don’t ignore to make referrals in any program. You can get tons of cash if your affiliate link placement is good. It should be visible to the readers where they are easily seen. Just like what I did to my blog.

As far now I got paid $7.50 after one review being completed. Now I am waiting when those 20 members will review my blog .Because if they review my blog, then I will get money as well as link back which will help in improving my search engine rankings. Payperpost is not only helping its members make money but also improve their search engine rankings by introducing review my posts feature.

If you want to get paid $7.50 then review my blog. You can review it by clicking the link below.
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

A lifestyle that models should follow

Story and photos by GRACE CHEN, The Star, Malaysia.

Amber Chia shares her beauty secret in an interview.

No short cuts. That’s Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia’s stand on keeping fit and staying slim.

DRESSED in white and positively glowing with abundant health, Amber Chia, 26, is a visual treat as she strides confidently into the Celebrity Fitness gym at Bangsar Village.

But Amber, who is also the ambassador of Celebrity Fitness and the country’s top model, frankly reveals that she has no illusions about what she must do if she wants to keep her job for hers is a profession known for its unforgiving stand on love handles, jiggly flesh or extra pounds.
“Beauty is 30% godsent and 70% hard work,” insists Amber, who goes to the gym three times a week for two hours of cardio workouts, yoga, pilates and free weights. In addition, she plays badminton on a regular basis.

And weight management, Amber confesses, is something she takes seriously. This means that she has to resist the temptation of spaghetti and cheesecake, her favourite foods.

“I weigh myself every morning to ensure that my weight is constant. On days when I find that I have gained even as little as 500 grams, I make it a point to eat less. One of the ways that I keep tabs on my food intake is to consume two green apples or any kind of fruit before I take my main meal. This not only ensures that I have a good supply of vitamins but it assuages my hunger pangs so that I don’t eat too much,” says Amber, who often opts for salads and lean meats instead of carbohydrate-laden meals.

For more about fitness tips from Amber Chia, log on to The Star, lifestyle
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