Thursday, August 9, 2007

I earn from payperpost, do you?

Yes, PAYPERPOST. We will get paid when somebody reviews our blog. The member who reviews our blog will also get paid. So, they are more than 20 members who did not review my blog. It is kept as pending. As soon as they review my blog, then I will get paid.

Suppose even if our blog is not eligible to take reviews then we can make tons of cash by just making referrals. That is why I like payperpost very much. I did try to make referrals in smorty, blogsvertise and sponsored reviews because I can’t find the affiliate link in my member’s area. In reviewme there is referral program but till now I got hits but did not make referrals. Only in payperpost and link worth I made referrals. So don’t ignore to make referrals in any program. You can get tons of cash if your affiliate link placement is good. It should be visible to the readers where they are easily seen. Just like what I did to my blog.

As far now I got paid $7.50 after one review being completed. Now I am waiting when those 20 members will review my blog .Because if they review my blog, then I will get money as well as link back which will help in improving my search engine rankings. Payperpost is not only helping its members make money but also improve their search engine rankings by introducing review my posts feature.

If you want to get paid $7.50 then review my blog. You can review it by clicking the link below.
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