Sunday, August 5, 2007

A lifestyle that models should follow

Story and photos by GRACE CHEN, The Star, Malaysia.

Amber Chia shares her beauty secret in an interview.

No short cuts. That’s Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia’s stand on keeping fit and staying slim.

DRESSED in white and positively glowing with abundant health, Amber Chia, 26, is a visual treat as she strides confidently into the Celebrity Fitness gym at Bangsar Village.

But Amber, who is also the ambassador of Celebrity Fitness and the country’s top model, frankly reveals that she has no illusions about what she must do if she wants to keep her job for hers is a profession known for its unforgiving stand on love handles, jiggly flesh or extra pounds.
“Beauty is 30% godsent and 70% hard work,” insists Amber, who goes to the gym three times a week for two hours of cardio workouts, yoga, pilates and free weights. In addition, she plays badminton on a regular basis.

And weight management, Amber confesses, is something she takes seriously. This means that she has to resist the temptation of spaghetti and cheesecake, her favourite foods.

“I weigh myself every morning to ensure that my weight is constant. On days when I find that I have gained even as little as 500 grams, I make it a point to eat less. One of the ways that I keep tabs on my food intake is to consume two green apples or any kind of fruit before I take my main meal. This not only ensures that I have a good supply of vitamins but it assuages my hunger pangs so that I don’t eat too much,” says Amber, who often opts for salads and lean meats instead of carbohydrate-laden meals.

For more about fitness tips from Amber Chia, log on to The Star, lifestyle
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