Sunday, August 12, 2007

Online income? Focus on what you want

A lot of people complain that they have spent thousands on the Internet buying ebooks and systems, but never mad a single cent. But did they really TRY to make money?

By Sunny Tan

There are quite a number of newbie people whom I met or heard online often come in rambling about minor will this technique work? Will I be bombarded with hidden cost? Is this a scam? How to withdraw from paypal or even moaning about recent petty purchases and bla bla bla..

These people often spend countless amount of time researching about the nitty gritty things that won’t make them money, and worst still often getting advice from others who exhibit the same attitude like themselves.I ask you, what’s the point of all these? Yes, you may find that there will be a scam in this, or that technique work, but what’s next? Will that make you any wiser? Will you actually implement your new found working technique? How all those time spent in that research done will going to help in your future online entrepreneurial stunt? If you don't like the backend offer presented, then move on dude....

C’mon guys. I’m sorry to be blunt. But you have to use your head man. If you want to be in this Internet business, then for goodness sake treat this as your business. A business with good mission (your purpose), leadership (you), team (outsourcing), and the most important of all, your capital to fund the cost and expenses is very important.Do not try to be cheap by moaning all the petty losses you’ve made online or those purchases you’ve made online. If you’ve done a good purchase online with good return to you, then take it as your bonus and good investment. Otherwise, take it as your business expense. Claim from IRB if you will

Without a good working capital which you need to set aside to start things off, there will be many times when you’ll be doing the wrong things, like not outsourcing your stuff when you should, failing to get the right info products from the right advisors in your niche. Say if you are into web publishing business, don’t go into stuff that will not do you good for now ie how to make money from selling PLRs, how to do Ebay and bla bla bla… instead, find a web publishing guru, go for the recommended materials like how to outsource to freelancers, how to maximize your wordpress publishing seo, RSS marketing, social bookmarking stuff and etc.

Your time is one of your greatest assets. So get focused on stuff that will work long term for you and forget about how some people make money from list, make money from selling ebooks and stuff, if those things are not what your business is. If you don’t know what business to go after, then look for those materials that talk about different type of online businesses and how they may fit you.
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