Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tips of earning online

1. Say "No" to ridiculous salesletters. If you've been reading salesletter, you know what kind of hypes they are selling to you. Forget about "Getting Rich Quick!" whenever you read one. If you're looking to "Get Rich Quick", you better take some heavy risks or be super lucky, because this world of internet business, like any other business, takes time and hard work. No way around it, bucko. But there are sure ways to make it simpler and quicker.

2. Stop looking for the 'secret' to internet success. Here it is...There's no secret that the online marketers making the most profits have the largest lists. Of course, when I'm referring to large list, I mean list of people who are responsive.The quickest way to build your list and keep in constant contact with your prospects is to publish start building one. Told ya, it's no secret.If you don't believe me, go on and buy more courses to seek the true secret of internet success.

3. Freebies Work Fine For MarketingFreebies are the best ways to generate leads and build your list. Free reports, free eBooks, free software, use any or all of these to gather email addresses and your list will build in no time.In exchange for that freebie, your visitor are gonna leave their names and email addreses. Work like a charm, especially if you're notin the super competitive market of the"internet marketing" niche. Unless you're thebig kahuna in the internet marketing scene, than this method will work extremely well for ya.

4. Find Your Niche And You'll Find Your RichesYou've heard it over a million times--- You need a niche market. End of the story. Build a site geared around your niche and you can start developing all kind of online revenue. Upsell, downsell, crosssell, whatever sell, you name it.

5. Boring But Important To Have ThisPatience is the key, my friend. It took me 3 years to be where I am today and I don't consider myselfdoing anything great yet. There are more to come and I believe I'll go leaps and bounds as long asI have... Patience.

6. How Committed You're To Be An Online Entrepreneur?Can you make a simple commitment to at least email to 3 joint venture partners to promoteyour product on a daily basis? There are two major reasons for doing this...Momentum is a key factor in keeping you dedicated to your online goal of entrepreneurship and number’s the game for getting JV's when you start.Heck, even if you're a seasoned marketer.If you start to whine, then forget about livingyour online entrepreneur dream.

7. Spending Your Time At The Right PlaceThe majority of your time should be spent marketing. That's it. Nothing suprising but many "entrepreneurs"waste a lot of their time trying to work with the 90% that aren't going to put money into their pocket.

8. Going To Next LevelOnce you've made some money online, don't go buy the sports car you've been dreaming of.Instead, invest in you-- In your own education and tools that can enhance your business. That'swhat a true online entrepreneur will do, eventhough it's ain't glamorous at first.

source by Patric Chan

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