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Earn By Surfing the Net-AGLOCO

You might already know that almost everything you do on the Internet makes money for someone else! And that’s not just when you spend money. Just about every time you view an ad, click an ad, search, buy something, download something, join a community, or post a story, picture, or video, some person or company is making a profit, commission, or sale from your activity. That doesn't seem fair that others are profiting from your efforts. AGLOCO, which stands for A GLObal COmmunity will get those profits into your hands instead of middlemen making money on your efforts.

How it works
If you want to join as a Member, you download a piece of software called the Viewbar. It’s like a toolbar that sits at the bottom of your desktop. Essentially, it collects on some of the revenue you would usually generate for other people while you conduct your everyday browsing. Then, it returns most of this money to you. The toolbar is scheduled to be released in March, but it is a good idea to join now and start building your referral network. The more referrals you have, the more earning power you have right from the beginning of the program.

Why it works
Why does this work? Well, you win because you now get your share of the money for doing what you would normally do. AGLOCO wins by keeping a 10% cut of this revenue. The companies win because they get your business, or at least get more of their ads seen. All you need to do is have the small Viewbar up on your screen while browsing the Internet like normal. Some of you may be thinking this is a scam already, but I can assure you it is not. AGLOCO was started by the same group of people who ran All Advantage was the first paid to surf site, and it was very succesful. They paid out over $120 million over 2 years and had a huge member base. Unfortunately, their pay structure had some flaws and they ended up going down with the dot com crash. They have learned from their mistakes and now they are back to try again.

How to maximize your earnings
One word - referrals. I currently have 75 direct referrals and 6 indirect referrals, and I have been a member for 10 days. Each referral greatly increases your earning power. It is hard to tell exactly how much each referral will increase your income right now because the site has a bit of a complicated structure. Every hour that you have their viewbar open earns you some sort of points. Instead of these points being directly tradable for cash at a given rate, they seem to be a sort of "stock" in AGLOCO. These points can be traded in for money, but it all depends on the member base and the number of hours. So basically, the more members agloco has and the more active everyone is, the more money everyone makes. So by getting referrals, you are increasing your earnings in two ways. You make a percentage of what they make, but you are also helping build the AGLOCO community, which makes more money for everyone.




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