Friday, March 2, 2007

Top paying AdSense keywords feature over 16,000 top paying AdSense keywords for AdSense webmasters that will enable you to uncover thousands of relevant high paying as well as niche keywords that have low competition. A must have for all affiliate marketers and webmasters wishing to make revenue from their websites.

Basically, I refer this website as a general guidelines for blogger to find the highest paying keywords as well as highest clickthrough keywords. The keywords are arrange in alphabetics order A-Z. You may also see the average click per day and estimate how popular is the keyword. Up to date, the highest paying keyword is the conference call services which the average cost per click CPC is priced at $ 73.42!! Whereas, the highest clickthrough keywords is 'hotels' at average of 560,000 clicks per day!!! Imagine so many net user are searching for hotels online.

What is CPC, cost per click?
Short for cost-per-click, an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements. Advertisers will pay Internet publishers based on the number of clicks a specific ad gets.

What is CTR, click through rate?
Short for click-through rate, the ratio of the number of times a user clicks on an online advertisement per number of viewers who view the Web site that has the advertisement on it. For example, if one out of 100 people who visit a specific Web site click on an advertisement and are taken to the advertiser's site, then the CTR of that advertisement is 1/100, or 1%.

So, do your research in highest paying keywords and clickthrough before you indulge in Adsense!! Try, today!!

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