Sunday, March 4, 2007 - Earn by using Search Engine

I stumble upon this website while i was browsing. Believe or not? Now you can be paid by using search engine. For some who do not know what is search engine, search engine
(eg Google, Yahoo, AltaVista) help users find web pages on a given subject. I just signed up for Ok, at first i was quite skeptical about this program but now i think it's not bad to give a try. It's not a spyware, MLM, and it's free!!! You can even refer to your friends to earn commission!!! So that's why now I refer to you all. :)

Alrighty then... it is exactly 48hrs since I signed up with and it is time to share some of my opinions on it, latest earnings.

Let me start by summing up how I feel right now about the program... One word to describe ............ SUPER EXCITED!

First things first... in the span of 48hrs, the following are my stats:
  • Earnings-------------USD 8.56
  • Tier 1 Referrals--------------29
  • Tier 2 Referrals-------------- 47

Yes... referring people to this program thus far has been a breeze so to speak since its relatively still new. I must admit though that recruitment is not one of my strengths. Hard to convince people nowadays, cause there are too many scams.....Too bad.

As what i said, it's no harm to give yourself a try to earn US dollar!!! After all, this is a free sign up, no need to purchase any software, package to work. Just sign up and use as your search engine!! But sorry to say this program is quite new, so initially you may face some hiccup or slow while searching for result. Be patient, i believe they will improve and it has a potential to be a popular. While it's still new, don't delay and try to be one of the member now.

The following is the extract from the program introduction and instruction. Read it carefully and start earning USD now, like I do. Now, you can earn money in your pajamas....:)


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