Friday, March 9, 2007

Beware of Bogus / Scam offers

Although there are genuine jobs working at home, many are bogus. You should not have to pay to get work. Never send money in advance to people or companies who claim they can offer you work at home. These con tricks may start with an advert in a newspaper or a shop window, or on a local bus, or with a leaflet through your door.

Adverts about addressing and stuffing envelopes:

these are generally followed by a demand for a registration fee. All you get for your money is advice to place adverts like the one you saw. There is no real job. Just a scam to con you out of the registration fee.

Adverts asking for money for home assembly kits: these scams promise pay for making up the goods or your money back.You won't get your money back.You will be told that the goods are not up to standard or given some other excuse.You will not get paid.The people behind the scheme never intended to pay you from the start.

So beware of scams out there, it could be the ads that promote the road to your financial freedom!!


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