Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Yes, you too can succeed in life

Well... there're really many, many ways in which you can reach your goals but I think it all boils down to these 3 things.And without these 3 crucial elements, I believe it's nigh on IMPOSSIBLE to achieve anything in life.In fact, if you take a look at all the things you've achieved so far (no matter how big or small...), I guarantee you that these 3 elements were there ALL the time.So what are these 3 things?

#1 - You have to set GOALS. Yes, many of us set goals, BUT most people don't ever do them the RIGHT way and that's why most people are just setting yourself up for failure right from the very beginning!You need to set goals because you have to know exactly where you want your life to head. And only when you have a destination in mind, only then can you draw the map to get to where YOU want to go.So set your goals immediately OR life will just take you anywhere it wants - which is nowhere!

#2 - Once you have your goals, you need to FOCUS on your goals and nothing else. What use is there of setting goals and then not focusing on them?It's like saying you want to get top marks in a school exam, but then all you do is just play football. You're never going to ace the exam that way!You need to focus.Concentrate on your goal! Make sure it drives you and motivates you, so that almost every waking hour of your day is all about moving closer to your goal, step by step.I can't emphasize this enough, but you MUST focus, focus, focus!

3# - And lastly, you need CONFIDENCE. Supreme self-confidence in yourself that you can achieve your goal.You need to believe in every fibre of your body that your goals is achieveble, that YOU deserve your goal and that it is going to manifest in your reality.If you don't believe you can do it, then you'll never do it. Just like Henry Ford said - "Whether you believe you can or you can't, either way you are right."You must have the self-confidence that you CAN achieve your goals, or else it's never going to happen.I believe that these 3 elements are CRUCIAL to your success. They all play a integral role in you achieving YOUR goals. Lose any one of these 3 elements and it's almost impossible to succeed in life.But harness the power of these 3 things, and I guarantee that you will blast your way to success in no time.I did it for myself. And it works. Isn't time you did the same for yourself as well?I highly recommend you check this resource out if you're serious about your goals and your success in life.
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Anonymous Jeremy said...

HUh..? I thought you say you cut your hair..? I dun see any difference... Maybe you should take a nearer picture... So i can see what you have cut... you know lah... Guys are not sensitive... So dun angry if i dun notice.. haha..

Shopping... Ahh.. If i have countless money... I will buy all sorts of big boys toys... Hahaa..

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