Friday, September 28, 2007

Make your presence online

Many people that want to start an Internet business know nothing about computers. They’ve heard about the massive amounts of cash they can earn on the Internet, but were stopped in their tracks because they were scared or uninformed about the technology. If this sounds like they then don’t fear because anybody can make money online from the savviest computer user to users that have never used computers before. So what should they do if they don’t know how to use a computer and want to make money on the Internet? It’s simple. They need to learn how to use a computer. They can learn from friends, family, and classes at their local library.

They should learn how to use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and the ins and outs of the Internet and Email. They should check their local library or college for beginner classes. The beauty is that they don’t have to go to a four year college to make money on the Internet. Just learn the techniques from home study courses, seminars, and books. This opens the world of Internet business to anybody that has the desire.

Remember, it won’t happen over night as far as the learning curve is concerned. They will have to make an effort, but the effort is well worth it because they could earn thousands and even millions online in the future. They don’t have know how to do every Internet business skill from the get go. The key is to be able to take instruction well. Sometimes this means letting go of traditional business modes and skills that don’t work well on the Internet. It also means that they have to have faith that the skills they are learning on the Internet will work even if they sometimes seem too good to be true. So whether they are a farmer, a marketing professional, or a high school student, they all have the same chance of success on the Internet. They all have to learn the same tips and tricks about the Internet. This levels the playing field as long as they know the rules that will maximize the amount of profit they make online. Anything is possible on the Internet if they put their mind to it. Just like you can start off with a blog. You can blog about your hobby, your career or profession. Just share your knowledge, expertise, like me sharing my money making tips online.
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Anonymous Jerry Ong said...

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