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Blogging as other source of income

Working life is a bed of roses (with the thorns), I’ve been there and done that and what I can say is that each and everyone of us has to find a way to get out of this rat race. If only we could be our own boss and have a say in our life wouldn’t that be nice? Imagine you set your own rules, free from being control by someone else.

In actual fact, we think that we’re making money while working, that is so untrue. Why spend the time helping someone else to making money when you could spend the same ammount of time making those money for yourself? Blogging is very good way of making a few hundred dollars, require little investment or non at all depending on your choice of platform

Does the image on the left gives you the dejavu feeling? This is what it is like working, I’m currently working and when ever there is a mistake, I’ll get scolding, and when mistake are done by other people, I get scolding for no reason. It is really a stressfull life, that is why I’ve decided to set up this blog and make something out of it and in hope others would benefit from the blogging tips below, blogging is the only way out from this rat race. Thank You Google Adsense for giving me a chance.

Back to the main topic, why should we build somebody’s else dream? If you happen to be a shy person and MLM or direct selling is not your choice of self employment solution, then try blogging. Blogging can be fun, and it takes you about one to two hours per day, and if your topics happen to be good, chances are within one year you’ll be able to make a decent living out of blogging. There is no guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire thru blogging, but do remember that one should aim from the lowest first, and a small amount of side income would come in handy, it might be your car loan that blogging is paying for you. Below are some tips for would be bloggers:


1) Maintaining Momentum - According to Technorati’s research, one blog is created every second and that’s 86,400 per day or 31,536,000 per year. That is a huge figure considering that almost half of the planet earthlings are not connected to the internet.
The blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months and about 13% of all blogs are updated at least weekly. The main issue is how long does a blogger blogs before giving up? A week? One month? According to Technorati, half of the new blogs become redundant after just three months.

There is a name for these blog - they’re often called splogs or blog junks. Most bloggers started out with a good intention, always with a big picture in their mind. The secret path to success is the ability to continuing blogging consistently. It doesn’t matter if no one drop any comments or someone uses harsh words banging you, the ability to maintain the momentum and chunk out interesting articles is the key to success. Most blogs takes an average of 6 months to built up the much needed momentum to leap frog one to the other stage.

2) Topics - Choosing the right topic is like choosing the right partner, if you choose the wrong topic, especially the one that you’ve got no interest in, chances are you’ll soon end up in a crossroad. I’ve come across bloggers that create blogs that target high paying keywords such as :

  • mesothelioma
  • lawyers
  • what is mesothelioma
  • peritoneal
  • mesothelioma
  • consolidate loans
  • refinancing mortgage
  • tax attorney
  • mesotheliom
  • a car accident lawyer
  • ameriquest mortgage
  • mortgage refinance

These are some of the highest paying keywords in Google Adwords or any other contextual advertising program, and certain bloggers that are in for the money tend to blog about such topics not knowing what it is all about. Sure, you can plagarize these articles from Wikipedia but for how long? You’ll get caught one day for stealing.The best topic would be something of your interest, be it music or art that has a niche market in the digital world. If you’re passionate about the topic you are blogging, chances are you will never run out of ideas, remember - maintain the momentum is the key to success.

3) Blogging Platform - There are a few blogging platform to choose from, the current market leaders are Blogger, Wordpress and MoveableType. I would say that these three platform has the lion share in the blogging world. All have their plus and minus points.

A brief guide:
4) Diversity of opportunities - Diversifing is the key to success, bloggers that seek a steady flow of income should have multiple blogs that spread accross different server and topics so as not to put all their eggs in one basket. Multiple blogs doesn’t mean one has to stick to a single contextual advertising company, recent years have withness the addition of a variety of viable advertising options for bloggers. Unlike the yer before 2005, adsense and blogads and a handfull of other are the only option available.

5) Discipline - This is a very important key element is becoming a full time blogger. To be able to make money out of blogging, one must be consistent, which means a series of discipline attitude. Blogging is not as easy as what it seems, and pusing the “publish” button doesn’t mean you’ll get the amount of audience that targeted. A good knowledge of computer/html/search engine tweak and many more is the key to success. You got to have a willing mind, the passion of learn and the ability to unlearn. Sometimes it takes more than a year for a blog to be successful, remember that if you kept on blogging, eventually you’ll succeed.


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