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A Money Making Idea

A Money Making Idea. I Got Tons Of ThemEach day, either I'll discover new ways to make money online or learned from other courses. Ok, maybe not everyday but it's fair for me to say that it happens at least twice a week. Do you keep track of how many ways you can actually create an income on the internet?Let me paint you a common example... another good course just comes up teaching me to make money online. Let me just throw in some ideas to you for discussion sake...

1. This is the undeniable method to get started online. Easy. See the things you want to sell and put them up on for auction.

2. Pay Per Lead- There are sites that will pay you by giving them leads. Example, companies like Visa will pay you from $5 to $15 each time you can get someone to apply for their credit card. Where to find these companies? Go to

3. Sell other people's digital products- By now, you should know selling digital products is one of the best business models on Planet Earth. But selling for other people IS EASIER. Much easier, without the hassle of product creation and writing salesletter. Just find a product that have a killer salesletter that will convert your traffic into sales. You can pick these products up from

4. Getting Paid Per ClickSites like,,, etc pay you per click that you send to them.

5. Design or customized your own products with zero upfront cost and inventory. Setup your own store... suitable for designers.

6. can set up your own stores to sell products with minimal cost.

7. Create your own info-product to sellWrite a book or record an audio course. Put up a salesletter and start selling them.

8. Use YouTube.comPut up hundreds of videos on and get the traffic to your website to sell related products.

9. Online MLM Programs There are a bunch of them. Some are scams while some are real multi-level marketing programs. The real ones normally have physical consumer products with factories producing them or big distribution networks.

10. Launch A One-Time ProductGet a bunch of cronies (I mean JV Partners) to promote your product to their mailing list one time.

11. Buy And Sell WebsitesGo out to hunt of sites for sale, evaluate them and buy if you think you can 'flip' them for a nice profit.

12. Elance.comNeed a 'job'? Post your resume at freelance sites and you might get some work that will pay you good income.

I could go on and on with so many opportunities to make money online. And yet you'll always hear that a lot of people don't know how to do this.It'll never end. People will always say, 'It doesn't work'.

But I think I know why this is happening. Most people don't have a clue what they want to do. So they want to do EVERYTHING. Jack's of all thread, masters of none.Come on.Here's the scenario...

They were told about story of how other people make millions online. They were told that there are MILLIONS of potential buyer waiting to buy their product. They were told... you know, whatever thing that gets them to be super motivated.

And let's take a step into reality.That person is probably a good husband and father who wants to earn extra cash to support the family.8 hours of his are already 'taken' up by his job. He sleeps 7 hours a day. That's 9 hours left. Let's take 3 hours out for him to eat, shower, drive car, dress up, etc. 5 hours left.I guess he needs to spend time with his wife and children as well. If he's not doing that, then it's defeating the purpose of working hard. 2 hours.He got 3 more solid hours to go. But do you think he's gonna have that 3 hours for work? Nah. He'll probably cut one or two for 'research', reading books, etc.

So how are you going to work on 10 business opportunities when you have a maximum of 3 hours only to spend on a day?Please don't get me wrong. You see, it's definitely achievable to make a living from the internet. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to teach you and thousands of other people. If it's not, I would be a scammer. So does ALL OF THE GURUS.

So here's what you should do:Get real. And practical.There are the slow and fast ways to make a buck online.If you're in a hurry to make some cash, then stick to methods that can generate quick income. Like, sell something on eBay. That's not too hard.

Got a sale? Good. You can then decide whether you like this business model to grow it to the next level or not. If yes, then immerse yourself with any information you can get about's income opportunities. No? Keep on selling. Make enough money for what you want to do.Let's say your dream is to create a software and sell 1,000 copies of it.

That's not going to happen overnight if you're starting from scratch, bucko.And don't forget, you need money to fund your dream. Sometimes Reality sucks, isn't it?

So sell more in want you to know that it took me 3 years to consistently pull-in 5-figure income from the internet. It sure didn't happened a week after I've started marketing online. (smile)

Income Balooney

Recently, I was reading a salesletter. Ready for my rant? If not, just skip this session...I couldn't believe that the site shows a check made by other people to sell his course. To me, that's weird. Waaaay too weird.It's like, "Buy my course and I'll teach you how to make $50,000.

By the way, the check you saw on the webpage, that's not mine. It's someone else but I'm just telling you that other people have made it. And oh, he DID NOT read or buy my course before. Me? I don't have a check to show you right now. Sorry. But you can go ahead and buy my course so that I'll have money to pay my phone bills."It's ridiculous how marketers are making money by pushing courses that they don't have proof it works.If you're a marketer, make sure you put proof on your webpage. This helps. If you're planning to use testimonials, get testimonials from clients that have use your product to get result. The " From Guru" testimonials? Some of them don't pass the lie detector.You Got To Be Careful

I've started using article marketing back in year 2004.

Most courses teach internet marketing methods based on what the creator read from other courses-- not what have used with results. Isn't that ironic? They have no idea when it'll work or not.Do you want to know how I distribute my articles to hundreds of sites without spending hours of labor?

This is my secret weapon - If you're thinking that I'm telling you this url so that I can make a few quick bucks on affiliate commission, you're not getting the picture.

Just so you know, it's been YEARS since I last communicate with Steve Shaw (the guy behind this service) and he didn't even know that I'm sharing his site here.The point I'm bringing up this subject is to illustrate that the same concepts are not as effective as they used to be.

I used to have hundreds of sites publishing my submited article but now, I'll be lucky to get 50.Conversions have dropped. You see, I test my marketing efforts. I walk the talk. If I'm telling you about article marketing, I KNOW ABOUT IT.

By now, you would have guessed why it has become less effective. More people are using this tactic. Saturated? That would be strong word. I don’t believe in saturation.But I'll still be using it. Why? You got to read my previous editions to know this answer. I always improve on the pillar of proven success fundamentals. What have been proven to work will work but it may require some "modifications" or improvements.

Let me throw you my two cents thought...Maybe I could build relationship with the article directory or website owners so that my article will always be syndicated and published?Again, relationship is a key to success that will always work. Ten years from now, it'll still work. Trust me. It have been tested and proven through time.

Either You Have Faith Or FearBe honest with me... do you seek other people's opinion whether you can be successful on the internet or not?If you do, good luck.Seeking opinions and doing a research is two damn different things.Everyone and their dog have their own opinion. Doesn't matter if the guy begging for money on the street or President Bush.

Now, if a question is asked to a beggar or a President about war, I can guarantee you that I'll have two different answers.Forget about opinion. I don't want to dwell in that so long but this leads me to the next point... faith.You'll be successful online is because you have faith or fail because you have fear. That's it.If you have the faith to achieve success, you'll do whatever you can and push away anything that is stopping you including opinions... or giving you fear.I have faith. I can still remember the day I DECIDE to make a living from the internet.

My story is told at If you feel like knowing the truth, click and read.Of course, faith alone won't do much help. You got to do your homework to make sure that you're on the right track. Having faith that you'll become a millionaire but learning from a guy who makes $500 bucks a month online is not going to be encouraging.

If fear is stronger, I'm sorry. You'll probably argue with me all day long that you do not have fear. I would agree because who would want to admit. Hey, it's your life; I'm just trying to do what I can to enhance it. Heck, I don't get paid to write this long Sunday Email series. Took me hours.I'm not referring to fear to a tiger that's gonna eat you. It's fear of failure and fear of losing. When you're in doubt, fear will creep on you.

The only way you can overcome this is FAITH. Have faith, my friend. Have faith in yourself and those sincerely wants to help you.I'm Getting Used To It By NowI think Robert Kiyosaki's lessons are pretty much, the same. But I still buy many of his books and read them. And you know what-- Most people will say bad things about him. Especially those who reads his book, attend his seminars, get his coaching program, etc that don't have results.What do I think? Most of them are jealous? Maybe.

The undeniable fact is this-- Most people he taught through books, courses, seminars, etc will FAIL. But at the same time, there will be a few who are going to be successful.The numbers will be few compared to failures.Because it's your life, you can choose to hear from those who gained from Robert's lesson or those who failed.Remember, theoritically you'll bump to people who dislike Robert more because most people do not get success result. It's not Robert's fault-- It's just, fact.As I look back at my milestone, I realized I was one of the losers as well. After reading his books years ago, I'll whined that there's nothing new in there.

But now... I thank him. I thank him for showing me the first step to be financially free. He has "talked" sense to my brain and makes it clear the concept of becoming... RICH.If you read the sub-title of this 'rant', I said that I'm used to it already by now. As many people that I've helped to make a living or earn extra money online now and are grateful, there are still many of them that will say bad things about me and spread rumors. That's fine because it's natural-- just like thousands of people who will criticize Robert Kiyosaki.

Come to think of it, it's really impossible to make everyone becomes successful because most of them don't follow the steps or take actions.Conclusion?Give your best to help your clients. If they still say that you suck, be it and move on.

Focus on those who have faith and trust in you.A Marketer That I RespectJimmy D. Brown. He might be a low-profile chap to you but if you're in internet marketing niche, you can't miss his name. And whenever he launch a new course, I'll be the person to buy it if I can't get from Jimmy for free that time. (smile)Whether you're a newbie or advance marketer, you need to build a list. Jimmy's brand new course, the List Profit System will be ideal for you.

Caveat?Don't get it if you have unrealistic expectations. If you expect to get thousands of subscribers in the next week, it's time to lower your sights. How many subscribers can you expect? I don't know. There are so many factors involved that I'd have to be a math whize to calculate it. I honestly don't care about "numbers" in terms of how many subscribers are on a list. I only care about the results shown in profit earned. That's why Jimmy teaches it like he teaches it: that a quality subscriber is worth 100X a non-quality subscriber. What he’s going to teach you is how to make money even if you only have 50 subscribers on your list.

He’s going to educate you on a process that you will be able to multiply thousands of times over during the months and years of list-building to come for you.Get it at www.listbuildingrevealed.comIf you have been reading the "Sunday Email" series, I'll always ask for your favor to leave a Comment if you find value of what you've read. It'll be most appreciated because I read all of them personally. (smile)

You "Chan" Do It!-Patric Chan

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