Tuesday, January 15, 2008

eBay way to earn a living

KUALA LUMPUR: Chris Chan is a 30-year-old graduate who, like many in her generation, says no to a 9-to-5 office regime and refuses to be a slave to money.
Instead, she is trying to combine work with a balanced life. She has found a suitable income-generating way by selling through eBay.
“I earn about US$1,000 (about RM3,300) a month selling collectibles on eBay. I own my time and I can combine my love for travel with work, since I do need to go overseas to source for supplies,” she said.

Chan: ‘One will need to invest time, money and energy if one wants to make it big in business.’“Selling through eBay is something a person can do to earn an income. Just like any other business, one will need to invest time, money and energy if one wants to make it big,” said Chan, an architecture graduate from Australia.

Chan started selling on eBay during her student days in Australia to earn pocket money. She first started by putting her used handbags and other things on sale online.
“My first sale was exhilarating. It was a pleasant surprise that others actually wanted to buy things I had used. From then, I was interested in eBay business and went through their online course to be a certified power seller,” said Chan.
The certification also allows her to train others on the art of selling professionally and ethically on eBay.

Chan will be sharing her experience at a talk How to Earn Extra Income via eBay and Google at the MCA 9-point party exhibition to be held at Putra World Trade Centre from Jan 18 to Jan 20. Her talk is on Jan 19.


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